Uniting in Prayer during Covid with Mater Admirabilis

The European Network wanted to reach out to our schools across the world at this time. We decided to invite all our contacts to share prayers for the Feast of Mater Admirabilis on 20th October. Knowing that everyone is under pressure at the moment, we are delighted that over 50 schools and institutions have taken part, even though some are still closed or only partially open. The participants have been opening their inboxes each day to find thoughtful and heartfelt prayers, often beautifully presented. Click here for a Google Map of our prayers.. the software does not allow the best presentation, but the words say it all, as students and their teachers write about their hopes and concerns for the world. We feel very close to our Sacred Heart Family at this moment of crisis. It has been a real blessing. Let us pray together on Tuesday.

A stunning image for Mt St Catherine's in Armagh, Northern Ireland

On 7th August 2020 Mount St Catherine’s Primary school, Armagh, took delivery of this stunning stained glass window depicting Saint Madeleine Sophie and the Children of the World. The window had been created in memory of Florence Farrell rscj. It has recently been returned to the Society by Cavan Cathedral. The headteacher is grateful to, Sr. Carmel Flynn rscj, for organising its transfer to its new home at their school.

Formation Programmes for Spanish Sacred Heart Educators

La Fundación Educativa Sofía Barat, the newly created foundation for the Spanish Network, has highlighted the essential need to have a thorough and planned training programme for all its educators, teachers, leaders, administrators in order to achieve the fulfilment of its mission for the young people in their schools. The Foundation is providing programmes to promote the personal, institutional and Christian identity of educators. The network wide programmes compliment the development activities already taking place in the schools and will strengthen the sense of the network among the participants, promoting interpersonal, professional and centre to centre relationships and continually reminding them that we are together in a common project. Read more in Spanish and English

Upcoming Events

Conference: European Sacred Heart Educators

We have had to cancel sessions booked for October 2020 and April 2021. We have booked our next session for 10-13th  November 2021 

Une rencontre avec Madeleine Sophie in Joigny

Meeting of the European Coreteam

We are now meeting by Zoom, exploring opportunities for virtual links for our Sacred Heart schools 

International Headteachers' Meeting

This Conference will now be virtual in the Autumn Term 2020. More details to follow

Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart, Miami, Florida

Theme: Caring for our Common Home

Conference: European Sacred Heart Headteachers Rome 2021

This Conference has been postponed, perhaps until October 2022. We will keep you updated.

Istituto Sacro Cuore della Trinità dei Monti, Rome

Erasmus+ Project on European Identity and Values moves on...

Four European schools have joined to implement this Erasmus+ project on European Identity and Values in Young People: Gymnasium Sacré Coeur Wien, Sagrado Corazón de Jesús, Placeres, Pontevedra, Tartu Descartes'i Kooli (Estonia) and La Perverie Sacré Cœur, Nantes.

It has generated a lot of interest among the teachers and a lot of students are taking part, getting really involved in its implementation. They meet regularly to prepare future meetings and debates on European values, in the process improving their knowledge and skills. Our schools are very open to international projects, it is part of our fundamental values: in our multicultural world we wish to prepare and inspire our students to be active, informed and responsible global citizens.

They first met in Nantes, but more recently in Estonia...  The young people have bonded really well and engaged in the activities with great enthusiasm...   Download the rest of the article here

Reflection & Pilgrimage, Care for our Common Home

As part of their preparation in leading the Goal of Social Awareness for 2019-2020, the Goals Coordinators and Chaplains of the English Network spent a day on Lindisfarne in June 2019. Hearing and reflecting on the stories of the saints who lived close to nature on this island, cut off twice a day from the mainland, and yet very much involved in the politics of Northumbria in the 7th Century. It was a perfect way in to our focus for next year: Care for our Common Home. The next day they considered the three joint projects proposed by the headteachers at their meeting in May: becoming single use plastic free, taking part in the Earth Hour project and looking at the fashion and textile industries.  Other schools across Europe are involved in similar projects around Care for our Common Home, such as #WeCoeur in Vienna setting themselves related challenges. One of theirs, during Lent 2019, was around use of plastic.

"Reaching New Frontiers” in the Spanish Network

The Spanish Network decided to answer the USC’s call for a Global Service Day to mark the Bicentennial of St Rose Philippine’s arrival in America. Their “Initiative to reach New Frontiers” involved reflecting and responding to the needs of their local communities. Different activities have been prepared and carried out in most of their schools during the year. Some were with older people and some with NGOs which help children with cancer, people with disabilities, those in need of food etc.

They hope that this reaching out across new frontiers will continue into 2019 and beyond, building an atmosphere of solidarity and a more caring world.

Read more on their rationale here.   

A Tout Coeur: our French schools' gathering in May 2018

Après plus d’un an de travail, l’Institution Marmoutier accueillait vendredi 25 mais 2018 la 4ème édition d’AtoutCœur. Un groupe de pilotage d’une dizaine de personnes de plusieurs établissements du réseau se sont réunis à maintes reprises, ont multiplié les échanges téléphoniques et les courriels afin d’être au point en ce jour symbolique pour la Congrégation. Cet Atout-Cœur 2018 était placé sous le regard de Sainte Philippine Duchesne. Près de 300 jeunes auxquels se sont ajoutés les élèves de Marmoutier s’étaient déplacés en bus et en train pour se retrouver et vivre une journée conviviale. Download more information and photos

News of the Faces of the Heart July 2018

The second Faces of the Heart, an International Youth Assembly, took place in Nantes (France) between June 30 and July 13, 2018.  The group also visited Paris and Joigny. In Nantes they took part in several workshops and activities based in the theme of the Assembly, "Education for a Better World". Two students from Kilgraston School in Scotland summed up their experience, " What struck us the most from this trip was that no matter where in the world we all came from, we shared common values and aspirations for the future of education. It was comforting to see that the Sacred Heart Network unites its students in their passion for forming a better future for all. We are extremely thankful for this opportunity as it is truly a once in a life time experience that has taught us so much and we will never forget it. " Download a full account and more photos

Following on the commitment to Justice, Peace and the Integrity of Creation at their Chapter in 2016, the Society held an international meeting in the Philippines. RSCJ gathered from across the world to reflect on the emerging themes which show the priority for JPIC in their mission as Sacred Heart sisters. Prayer, sharing experiences, discussion in regional and international groups, beginning a new statement on JPIC for the Society and its partners in mission were some of the elements of the gathering.  Here is the initial report. All delegates were given the opportunity to visit projects in South East Asia before the conference.  Here is a presentation Hilary Thompson shared with the English Network on returning from the meeting which she attended as a member of the International Education Commission.

The Frontiers Conference, celebrating for the Bicentennial Celebrations of St Philippine's arrival, took place in  in July 2018. Again delegates from across the world. Videos of the talks are available here  A new sculpture of Philippine was installed in the grounds of the Cathedral Basilica of St Louis. See it here

Also in July 2018 a pilgrimage took place in Grenoble and the surrounding area concentrating on Philippine's formative years. An International Day of Action took place on 15th September 2018. For news of that day and other celebrations see the USC site and here for events, prayers and pilgrimages organised by BFN Province. Students and staff from the French Sacred Heart Network of Schools went to MIssouri to join the celebrations. Here they are at their hotel.

European Headteachers' Conference October 2017

75 delegates have just returned home from the wonderful "Encuentro Europeo de Directores de Colegios de Sagrado Corazon" in Placeres, Spain from 5th - 8th October 2017. Most of the material used at the conference has now been uploaded. See the Placeres Papers  page.There will be emails to let you know when this is ready. Our hosts at Sagrado Corazón de Jesús, Placeres, Pontevedra welcomed us so warmly and generously. Many people were involved in looking after our every need. Thanks to them, their headteacher Ma Jose Martinez, the Spanish Network and Javier, who coordinated it all.  Pedro Landin, from the school, compiled this montage of photos. Take a look! Muchisimas gracias a todos!  

In 2017 the Spanish Network held a special session for teachers across their network to reflect on developing interiority in their schools. This year there have been further developments, focussing on schools. Their initiative is called, Desde Dentro 2. For more on Desde Dentro 2 look at our page  Provincial Projects

All this is inspired by the Chapter Calls from 2016 and the words of St Madeleine Sophie below

"Hoy, más que nunca, los alumnos necesitan: hacerse interiores, aprender a ser autores de su propia vida, con un eje personal que los sostenga y los unifique como seres valiosos, únicos, irrepetibles, con unas metas claras y elevadas que los motiven y trasciendan, para llegar a ser lo que están llamados a ser”. “Nowadays, more than ever, students need to develop their capacity for prayer and reflection, to learn to be the authors of their own lives, with a personal guiding principle to sustain them and to be a focus which will channel their gifts, enabling them to be people who are courageous, unique, irreplaceable, and with goals that are both clear and ambitious. These can then motivate them and take them beyond what they thought to be their limits, enabling them to become what they are being called to become”.     Sta Magdalena Sofía Barat , 1830

Joigny & Paris 2019

In October 2019 another group of Sacred Heart Educators from all over Europe gathered at Sophie's home in Joigny to walk in her footsteps, listening and reflecting on her early life with her family. They saw the proximity of the revolution and understood in a new way her educational vision. 

Some photos from 2019

Une rencontre avec Madeleine Sophie, for European Sacred Heart Educators We had to cancel the Joigny session scheduled for October 2020 because of the Covid-19 crisis. Our next session is scheduled for 10-13th November 2021. Applications normally go through the Network Coordinators. 

Conclusions and Proposals from Mexico 2015

The report from the Fifth International Conference for Heads of Schools of the Society of Sacred Heart which took place at the Sacred Heart School in México City, in October 2015, is now available. The theme of the Conference was

“Given the complexity of the world, an inner journey.” Our discussions centred on what aids and hinders spiritual development in our young people in the 21st Century. A committee from the Conference has now issued a document outlining some guidelines that would be helpful for schools.


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