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Reflection & Pilgrimage, Care for our Common Home

As part of their preparation in leading the Goal of Social Awareness for 2019-2020, the Goals Coordinators and Chaplains of the English Network spent a day on Lindisfarne in June 2019. Hearing and reflecting on the stories of the saints who lived close to nature on this island, cut off twice a day from the mainland, and yet very much involved in the politics of Northumbria in the 7th Century. It was a perfect way in to our focus for next year: Care for our Common Home. The next day they considered the three joint projects proposed by the headteachers at their meeting in May: becoming single use plastic free, taking part in the Earth Hour project and looking at the fashion and textile industries. Other schools across Europe are involved in similar projects around Care for our Common Home, such as #WeCoeur in Vienna setting themselves related challenges. One of theirs, during Lent 2019, was around use of plastic.


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