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European Educators meet the JPIC Team

In March 2021 over 70 European Sacred Heart Educators came together on a Zoom call with the Society’s International JPIC Team, RSCJ JPIC links from the European provinces and members of the General Council. Anne Corry RSCJ explained the background to the Society’s priority for Justice, Peace and the Integrity of Creation, highlighting the 2018 International JPIC Meeting in the Philippines, the document Artisans of Hope in Our Blessed and Broken World, and the four Imperatives. Sheila Smith RSCJ went on to talk about the Imperative, “Welcoming People on the Move” and the work being done in the European region. She also explained the role of the Society’s NGO office at the United Nations. Joy Luz RSCJ completed the session giving more context about the role of Sacred Heart Education in JPIC and how the establishing of the JPIC “Learning Hub” will play a vital role in bringing together the efforts of Educators: RSCJ and lay.

Those attending responded most enthusiastically finding the session truly inspirational, full of hope, ideas and initiative. They were delighted to see the witness and action already taking place across the world and many expressed the desire to be involved in projects. The young people in our schools show great passion for these same ideals. For some present, the work described by the JPIC team was a revelation and a very welcome one. Headteachers spoke later of their appreciation of the thinking, the energy, the sense of growth and the spirituality expressed and exemplified. Many spoke of their happiness and pride in belonging to this Sacred Heart community and expressed their deep gratitude for the presentations, the opportunity to be together and the feeling part of something much bigger.


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